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Highlighting Para-Romance Author Meg Collett

Welcome to Najla Qamber Designs! Since we started blogging about design and the lit community, we've loved showcasing our authors. Not only have we grown in skill with every book we help you bring to life, but we've also built wonderful friendships along the way. We truly feel like we're part of your lit family and that's probably why we feel like proud aunties, helping to show off your "book babies." ;) Today, we're pleased to present paranormal author, Meg Collett. You may know her from the End of Days and Fear University series. Below we share some of her favorite covers, plus showcase The Righteous Series.

A Word from the Author

"I've been working with Najla on my covers since almost the very beginning of my publishing journey. She's been with me through redesigns, complicated cross-genre cover brainstorms, and my endless indecisiveness. It takes a very talented and incredibly patient individual to work with me, and Najla has stood through the fire.

Sometimes we go through countless ideas and versions for one cover only for me to come back again, months later, and say we need to start over again. I can't imagine how horrifying I am to work with, but Najla not only puts up with it, but she delivers such amazing, top-quality work that stands out amongst the barrage of covers on Amazon.

She can take my hazy ideas for a cover (the *mood*, the *tone*, the *feeling*) and turn it into tangible creative elements that truly capture the book's essence. She's one of a kind and I look forward to working with her for years to come."


Fear University

The Righteous Series: Covering "Bless Her Dead Heart"

Not every design process runs smoothly. In other words, the concept we brainstorm with our authors doesn't always translate the way they may have envisioned. In those cases, we often do and redo a cover until we stumble across the right concept. Bonus points for authors who make these kinds of transitions easy peasy. Here are two concepts we worked through with Meg Collett for the first of The Righteous Series. While both look lovely, there really was no contest in deciding the winner.

Other Fantastic Reads

We've barely skimmed the surface of all Meg has to offer her readers. But here is a selection of some of our other favorites:


About the Author

Deep in the hills of Tennessee, where the cell phone service is a blessing and the internet is a myth of epic proportions (update: I moved! Praise Jesus for EPB), you’ll find me, Meg Collett.

I live in a tiny apartment with one mutt who smells like Fritos (yes, it’s weird. I’m concerned. Send help). When I’m not writing my next book, I can normally be found reading or rowing or coaching rowing or rowing. It’s a ragtag life but one I wouldn’t trade for the world.

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Learn more about Meg's books at the following links:

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