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Interview with Nada Qamber

Hey booknerds! Another day, another interview with a Bahrain-based blogger! This time we'll be talking to none other than one of our esteemed Qamber sisters, Nada! Nada has graced us with her words since 2013/14. Her blog, Nada Mas Que Amor, has been a platform for talks about food, books, fashion, and personal life-altering events, with nothing but love for the aforementioned topics. Her musings have led her to new heights, relationships, and personal growth.

"With love comes that badass, brave, empowered, fearless, and strong woman (and man) that we all are dying to unleash into this world." - Nada Qamber

NQD: What does being a blogger mean to you?

Nada: A few years ago, I used to think to be a blogger meant that you had to review products, write a few lines about your life, go to these PR events, network, and grow your own brand.

After the years have gone by and the hype of being a “blogger” died down a bit, I noticed that being a blogger to me meant that I shared my life lessons, my experiences, and realizations with my readers with the hopes that they get inspired to do more with their days.

NQD: In your blog, you said: “The world should revolve around nothing but love. With love comes that badass, brave, empowered, fearless, and strong woman (and man) that we all are dying to unleash into this world.” what events or ideas led you to this mentality that you live by today?

Nada: I used to be obese growing up. And I used to be made fun of, A LOT. Mostly by my family members so that resulted in a lot of self-hate and body shaming when growing up. And when I started my blog, I was a little chubby but I started to use the blog as a way to show love in the area’s I knew how. At that time it was Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle.

NQD: The name of your blog (Nada Más Que Amor) is the Spanish translation of Nothing But Love. When it came to choosing the name for your blog, what were some of the most important factors that you kept in mind?

Nada: I wanted my name “Nada” and a form of Love to be there. So I played around with a few different combos and it resulted in a Spanish sentence!

NQD: Has opening up your own blog met your expectations? How is it different/similar?

Nada: Yes, it definitely has. I started the blog back in 2013-2014. And it was somehow my safe space that I created during that in-between of Uni and Work transition. So I needed to feel that sense that I’m doing something productive. And years later, through the blog, I met other bloggers from Fashion bloggers to Food bloggers, like Shabana Feroze from The Silver Kick Diaries, and we’ve been friends ever since.

NQD: If you were to reach out to any blogger here in Bahrain, who would you love to

collaborate with and what would you two or three or four write about and why?

Nada: I would definitely love to collaborate with Food bloggers but instead of just a blog post, we could do a short video. That’ll be fun!

NQD: How different do you see yourself now compared to when you first started out back in 2014?

Nada: My taste has definitely changed. It switched from slowly writing only about Fashion and Beauty with photos, into long articles with just one photo.

NQD: Do you think the Bahraini book community, which comprises of not just readers and bloggers, but published authors, instapoets, designers, and the like, is a successful community? If so, how can it be even better?

Nada: I think the Bahraini Book Community can do better. There are tons of aspiring authors and poets who want to publish and get out there, but they’re unaware of how to do it, and where to start. Guys, start anywhere. JUST START!

NQD: Do you see yourself publishing your words for the whole world to read?

Nada: Definitely. I currently have a book in the works, but it’s barely seen the light of day since early 2019. So fingers crossed within the next couple of years, I’ll be releasing my debut novel! Definitely keep a lookout for that!

NQD: We’ve noticed your photogenic-self in a lot of the photographs you keep on your website. Who is your photographer and do you plan these photographs or are some of them spur-of-the-moment kinds of photos?

Nada: It started off with a tripod then slowly transitioned into my sister taking photos of me while we’re on the go. Then finally it ended with Shabana from The Silver Kick Diaries and I taking photos for each other's blog. We used to look for a few spots around the Kingdom and spend about an hour taking as many photos as possible before we melt in the Bahrain humidity and heat!


About The Blogger

Nada Qamber takes every step with the intention to love. She writes about her life lessons on her path to filling her life with

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