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5 Simple Rules of E-mail Etiquette

Fantastic as virtual communication is, a lot can get lost in translation. We can express a lot through e-mails and chat, but not all of us are wordsmiths. This is why we encourage you to keep the following simple rules in mind.


There’s a fine line between professional and personal. Some businesses prefer to swing more on the hyper professional side.

For example: “In regards to your previous e-mail…”

At NQD, we like to walk on the tightrope in-between. While we maintain a professional attitude we might rather say; “In your last e-mail, you mentioned…”


Always wish someone a wonderful day, or some variation thereof: “Have a magical day!” or “Have a fantastic day,” as the mood strikes you.


Try and see a problem or request from the client’s perspective. Empathy always trumps pride. Instead of getting angry, try on compassion.


Sometimes it really is best to revisit a particularly upsetting e-mail after a good night’s sleep. A bit of distance and perspective can go a long way towards solving more difficult problems.


Tripple check your content. Apps like Grammarly have made my life so much easier. But the best way to triple check more sensitive content is by utilizing your team. That’s why we always cc each other and occasionally run our replies by each other.

So much of our modern lives take place, not in the physical but rather the virtual world. As book designers, Qamber Designs & Media spend nearly all of our workdays online. We don’t mind because the internet allows us to reach people around the world.

*Photos from Unsplash


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