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10 Weird Things We've Done in the Name of Design

The design team at Najla Qamber Designs has done it all in the name of art. While we haven't exactly suffered for our art, we have definitely done some weird things. In the spirit of full disclosure and your entertainment, we're revealing the top ten oddest requests the team has received.


Kiss 4 sheets of paper wearing red lipstick to make a logo.

Remove pinstripe from suits (this took 3 hours btw)

'Shave' (some) underarm hair

Put a top on nude women

Add jeans to guys who aren't wearing any ;)

- We gotta stay classy, ladies!

(Naj can't find the cover she did that on, so here's some eye candy instead)

Move a guy's nipple because it didn't look proportional

Crumple a bunch of paper for a book cover

Hide men's abs (Shocking I know!)

Add a nun's habit to a sexy woman in the arms of a sexy man

Add tentacles on a romance cover

(Not the exact image but I’m sure you get the picture.)


(by popular request)

Head swaps on contemporary romances


What can we say? We are truly slaves to our creations. In truth, we love the challenge behind each cover our team designs. In our line of work, there's no such thing as "impossible." We will always find a way to bring your book babies to life. Our art is also our labor of love.


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