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Team’s Horoscope Inspired Book Recs!

Here’s a fun idea. Want to know what books we recommend our team read based on their horoscope traits?



Naj - Jenn

According to this website, Cancer people have many traits, including being highly imaginative humans. So of course, we had to pick the following books to recommend to Naj and Jenna!

The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

I love Neil Gaiman's's kind of whimsical but sneaks in the occasional dry wit and it's so VISUAL.” - C.G Drews, reader.

Neuromancer by William Gibson

Gibson creates an edge, a tension that exists throughout the narrative that grabs the reader and won’t let him go. Gibson is the literary successor to Phillip K. Dick, an observer who does not skip ahead to a distant dystopian rebirth, but instead chronicles the ugly fall itself.” - Lyn, reader.

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke

“it has magic that is actually magical, rather than yet another rules-bound exercise in alternative physics. Susanna Clarke gets it. Her magic is wild and strange and irrational, the way magic is supposed to be.” - Tony Ellis, reader.



It’s Nada’s turn! From our research, we’ve gathered that Aries people enjoy physical challenges. The following books have strong female characters who honestly sound too cool for any fictional world!

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

“By far, this is in the top fantasy books I've read in the history of my life. The storyline, the characters, the character development-- all beautiful, shocking, and unique.” - Raneem Al Aradi, reader.

The Merciful Crow By Margaret Owen

Fie is an amazing protagonist—the kind you don’t want to mess with.Tricia Levenseller, reader.-

Throne of Glass By Sarah J. Maas

Meet Celaena Sardothien, our beloved badass assassin. She’s sassy, heartless -or is she?-, lethal, but has very fine tastes. She isn’t waiting for someone to save her, she isn’t weak, she’ll literally fight her way out of any situation. And that’s what I loved most about her, my kind of strong female character.” - Reem, reader.


Stay tuned for a possible comeback where we interview these ladies about what they think about these books after they read them!


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