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Team Favorite Summer Reads - 2020 Edition

Our team at NQD doesn't just design beautiful books, we're all voracious readers. And what better time to read than lazy summer days? Today we wanted to share our current favorite vacation and staycation list for the season.

Besides books, we're also big fans of audiobooks, comic books, articles, you name it. We love the written word!

Enjoy our list and feel free to suggest your own recent reads in the comments below.


Naj's Favorites

Southern Charmer by Jessica Peterson


"I was looking forward to reading another book with a cover we’ve done. We rarely read books that we’ve covered as we’re always so busy. That plus, I mostly love regency romances. But I was in the mood for a southern romance, and Jessica gave me just that. I loved how she showed the struggle of a woman who only lived life to fit a specific mold and how she broke out of that. And of course, the romance and hot dude *wink emoji*"

- Naj.

Where Dreams Begin by Lisa Kleypas

Historical Romance

"I was looking forward to another intense regency romance. I needed something that would give me that Pride and Prejudice vibes. And Lisa always delivers that. I love everything she writes."

- Naj.

Nada's Favorites


"Was looking for something straight forward. And I liked it because it was short, hilarious, and light. Just want I wanted."

- Nada.

I Heart New York

by Lindsey Kelk

Contemporary Romance

"This is the second time reading/listening to this book. I was looking forward to going back to New York city because this book as very detailed descriptions of the streets and living of NY and I missed the city. I loved it because it spoke to be so much when I first read it in 2014-2015. And I love it now because it takes me back."

- Nada.

Jenn's Favorite

A Discovery of Witches!


"I first discovered ;) A Discovery of Witches by stumbling upon the show. I'm usually the gal who prefers to read first, then watch the adaptation. I'm pleased to report both the show and the book are amazing. Okay, I'm totally biased. I have a deep love of history and language, and this book hits all my sweet spots.

There are witches, and vampires, and daemons, and lots and lots of intellectual jargon. As though Anne Rice and Stephanie Meyer had a much smarter, brilliant love child. Don't take my word for it, discover for yourself!"

- Jenn.

Sasha's Favorite

Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad

Self-help: Finance

"I’m currently learning more about how to handle finances, so most of the books and articles I read are self-help books related to personal finance!

All this journey started with reading Rich Dad Poor Dad (a famous book read in the finance industry) by Robert Kiyosaki.

A lot of coaches, trainers, and speakers have quoted him! Since reading that, I have always looked for books to read on how to improve on my personal finance. 

The books I mostly read contain the authors' experiences and life-lessons on how to handle finances."

- Sasha.


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