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10 Weird Things the Design Team Has Said

Creating art requires the designer to go a bit too far inside our heads at times. This results in many (usually) accidental confessions we speak aloud. In the spirit of full disclosure and your entertainment, we're revealing the top ten oddest things the team has said while at work. ;)

"I need blood on this cover."

"I think she needs a new head..."

Nada to Naj: "The author wants this guy's eyes to be open, can we do that?"

Naj to Nada: "Yup. Do we have a photo of the same guy with his eyes open? Just superimpose it on top of the current image."

"Hey Naj, the author wants this guy to have more abs, what's the fastest way to do that?"

"He needs more muscle..."

(overlays a muscular guy on top of the current model)

*Naj while stock searching*

Looking for Urban Fantasy fierce-looking models:

"Why are ya'll smiling! Your face is so perfect. But the dimples ruin it."

Naj: "I need you with your shirt off."

Nada: "EXCUSE ME?!"

Naj: "Sorry, I'm stock searching."

Naj photoshops cover with a shirtless man.

Sasha (Admin): *giggles* "My GASH! I like working here."

Nada to Jenn during interior reviews:

"Let me know if there's too much spacey (not Kevin) or too much squishy."

Naj to Jenn: *Sends graphic for proofreading*

"Nothing in the email but a - “What do your elf eyes see in this graphic?"

What hope y'all enjoyed our mad musings! We can't claim to be the sanest bunch of designers in the book world, but we definitely have the most fun ;) Share your favorite awkward sayings in the comments below!


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